Chroming & Restoration of car parts

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If your parts are completely rusty, twisted or even ready for the trash or if the chrome plating is totally finished, we at G&R Chroming and Restoration can work on them and do the job

Price & warranty

To give you a target price, you should send a detailed picture of the item to be cherished. G & R is proud to provide you with the best quality chrome work and give you a one-year guarantee.

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What can we do and what not

At G & R Chroming and Restoration we can cover most of the parts for you. However, there are certain works we can not. Look at this page what we can and what we can not cherish for you.

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For sale

At G & R Chroming and Restoration you can also get chromed parts for the Porsche and Mercedes brands. Look at this page which parts we have in stock.

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