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G & R Verchromen was founded by Ger Verbruggen, resulting from the car restoration company in Volkel (NL). Due to discontent with the available price quality ratio for chrome plating, he was looking for other companies in 2002 and came to a business in Slovakia. This company wanted to do the chroming him. The grinding and repair work was done by Ger himself.

In 2004 he took over all baths from a company in the Netherlands and transported them to Slovakia. He then set up his own company and since then all the work has been carried out in Slovakia.

In 2007, G & R Verchromen stopped the restoration of vintage cars and specialized in chrome parts. At that time, 7 people were employed by G & R Verchromen in Slovakia.

In 2008 I, Frank van Loon, joined the company for the Sales department. Since then, G & R Verchromen has also been represented at leading fairs throughout Europe.

Since 2009, we have also been represented online through a website.

When the euro was introduced in Slovakia in 2009 prices rose significantly but the quality of the finished product was very high. This is more important to most customers.

Ger died in 2013, since then, the company in Slovakia is in the hands of a companion who has been involved with the company from day one. In the meantime, the company in Slovakia has grown to about 25 employees.

I take care of the sale from the Netherlands and we have a wide range of clients across Europe and even some from outside of Europe.


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