Chroming Potmetal

We are also specialized in the chroming and restoring of “ Zamak” and Aluminium. We can deal with parts made of Zamak as long as 1,2m.

What is pot metal

Pot metal (also Zamac or Zamak) is a trade name for a group of alloys made of zinc as main component. Each of the alloys has a relatively low melting point and can easily be cast. The main components are: Zinc, Aluminium with small amounts of Magnesium and Copper ( Kupfer in German). The origin of the name comes from German (the first letter of which the material is made of: Zink , Aluminium, Magnesium, Kupfer). This type of alloy was first developed at the beginning of the 20th century. Zamac is mainly used in the car industry for doors, logos, hub caps, every part is chromed. It is also used as a counterweight in order to balance wheels, especially in the European Union where lead has been forbidden because of its polluting aspect.


Zamak and Aluminium are always preceded by a copper layer. This layer is formed in a copper bath containing cyanide. Copper baths containing cyanide are still very popular in a world where one still has a number of difficulties in dealing with base materials so as Zamak. In this situation it is used as a protective layer and gives the security that it will protect from further layers and other forms of treatments (mostly Nickel and Chrome); Copper with cyanide spreads very easily but does not possess any shining property by itself and surely no filling attributes.

Zamak has the disadvantage of containing air bubbles. These may appear during the polishing. It so happens that they still remain visible after the polishing and the chroming. We cannot avoid them; they are an essence of the work.

Here are the different steps that we follow:

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