Price & Warranty


In order to give you an estimate of our prices we ask you the following:

  • Make a detailed picture of the object which has to be chromed.
  • Show a measuring tape next to the part.
  • Measure the perimeter, the length, width from the piece


The price is determined mainly by the surface tha has to be treated. The more details you provide us, the better the estimate will be. Without picture we unfortunately are not able to give you any estimate.

We regret but it will be impossible to help you with alloy wheels and synthetics.

Send all your information at:

You will get an offer from us as soon as possible. We unfortunately will not be able to give you a final price till we have actually seen the part which has to be chromed.


G&R Chroming & Restoration is very proud to offer you the best possible quality as far as chroming is concerned and we can add to this a full year warranty.

We guarantee our customers that our work under normal wear conditions will not flake. Our warranty starts with the date of the bill and lasts a full year.

Unfortunately we can not give any warranty on chrome plating pot metal.

G&R Chroming and Restoration will inform its customers of the defects that may occur and would be assumed by the company.

The mounting and dismantling costs as well as sending costs are not assumed by us, they are paid by our customers. Damaging costs due to misuse, negligence, lack of expertise in mounting, damages due to impacts, accidents due to bumping, loose stones, to aggressive cleaning products, to extreme circumstances on the road (i.e. brine) are not assumed by our society


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